AIDS in Africa? What about America?

I logged into MSN Messenger and they had their MSN Today pop up.  Great I now know the weather!  But what disturbs me is the headline.  Several recording artists have teamed up to help raise money to end AIDS in Africa.  Well that’s handy.

But wtf about the people here in America that have HIV or AIDS and can’t get health insurance or get disability so they can’t afford the meds they need to have?  Which by the way cost 1k per month or more.  Funding for programs here in the US is very limited to what the government gives out.  There is one program, the Ryan White Act … they help cover the cost of medical, dental and medications but when the money runs out for the month or the year there is no more until the money comes in with the next month or year.

You may ask yourself, how I know a little about this.  Here’s your answer, someone very close to me lives with HIV and has for the last 10 years or more.  I have seen the belly put on him by taking the meds, the teeth rotting because of the virus and the false teeth that dont fit right because the Ryan White people ran out of funds to fix them.

Now, it’s all well and good that famous people need to keep up humanitarian causes abroad but there are more people out there in our own country that go through lack of medical care and have no money.  Why can’t we help here?  Oh, wait because America is a wealthy country and things like that can’t possibly go on here. 

I love my country but sometimes the people in it suck.

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