Dinner mistakes

Well, not really a mistake as dinner was tasty and usually breakfast.  Fried eggs, bacon and toast.  Of course the eggs were fried in the bacon grease!  Why would I do it any other way?!?  Which leads to the mistake …

In the attempt to drain the grease from the pan … can you see where this is going yet?  Yeah, I gave myself a burn from hot grease.  At first I thought (heh heh) that it was just a superficial 1st degree.  Oh no, after dinner and much ice the blister started.  Damn, it went to a small (and I do mean small, less than 1% on the Palmer scale.  Come on it was my finger tip but it still hurt!) 2nd degree.  Swelling too.  I call my brother who has a stocked EMT bag even though he’s no longer certified.  I ask for a roll of coban.  For those who don’t know what it is … a great invention.  I won’t get it until the morning.

I rummaged around in my first aid kit in the bathroom.  I find two ragged strips of the stuff.  I doctor myself up.  Still hurts like hell until I get the compression from the bandage.  Hurts some but not as much.  Yay me!

This morning took ragged stuff off … Coban isn’t supposed to be held on my medical tape and that’s what was holding mine on …

Still red and I can see where the blister was starting …  time to wrap with new coban!

Then I can wrap more presents (which I did successfully last night with said wrapped finger!) and continue on with my rainy, tornado warning filled day!

Listening to:  Yahoo’s Rock Holiday Station — Bob & Douglas McKenzie’s Twelve Days of Christmas from A Rock ‘N’ Roll Christmas 2

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