Dating in the 21st century … is it really different?

So this dating thing … I’ve been out of the loop for a long time and now that I’m … back in the game I’m wondering if it’s really different or is it the same?  With everyone having cell phones and text messaging … I suppose it’s different.  I’m much more aggressive than I remember.  I am much braver with written words rather than calling on the phone.  So maybe it’s just me?

I don’t know, anyone wants to give me insight on the new do’s and don’ts of dating?  Oh I can flirt very well and I thought that I had gotten someone but … well … I’m not sure.  Yeah, go ahead and laugh!!

Anyone who has experience dating in the 20th and the 21st centuries care to give me advice?  I don’t want the internet dating thing.  Why?  Because the men I date have to pass the kid test.  What’s the kid test?  They have to like children and really mean it.  They have to mesh well with my child and she has a radar for bad people and good people.  When I mean good people I mean the kind of men that really do love children.

Dating … scary.

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