What one would do for love …

Lane examined her phone … her brand new phone.  It was one of those smartphone things.  She hated the touch screen but now she could send pictures to Mick over their messenger app, the first one she’d downloaded!  She’d downloaded ESPN Sportscenter for crying out loud.  She really didn’t care but she wanted to keep up with game times for his team so she knew when she’d not be able to talk to him.  Then there were the sex position ones … the ones for research for that story.  The ones they were going to try.  She wiped her nose on the back of her hand.  She missed him already.  She didn’t have the heart to uninstall those apps.  She’d left her heart lying on the pavement, bleeding out.  She hadn’t stuck around to see if anyone had saved him.  She figured he’d have said something if he were alive.  That hadn’t been but a week ago.  Damn these stupid apps.  Why did she have to love him so much?

Her hair hung in her eyes.  Her fabulously long hair.  Just for him.  Not really.  That had been a convenient excuse.  She’d grown it long to hack off for Locks of Love.  Then he’d commented that he liked it that long.  Honestly he’d never seen it as long as it was right now.  She’d have to go get it cut now not just trimmed.  She closed her eyes and ran her fingers through her hair.  She could almost feel him there with her.  This was turning out to be more torment than anything.  Why couldn’t her heart have died that day too?

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