Now on sale! “The Longest War” (Press Release)

The Longest War Cover


The Longest War
Stories from the Battlefields of Iraq and Afghanistan, told by those who lived it.

Every war has a voice. Everyone in a war has a story. These are their voices, these are their stories. This book is a collection of 45 stories told by the men and women who have lived through the war. Some are soldiers, some are civilians. All have been affected in one way or another, for better or worse. These tales will bring you to the front line in Americas’ longest war. Each is written by the person who lived it, with little editing.

Their stories, their voices.

About the Authors: 40 different persons contributed to this book. Some are soldiers, ranging from Privates to Sergeants to Officers. Some are civilians who have been caught up in the war.

All reviews on Amazon have been 5 stars so far. Here are a select few:

This book is powerful, emotional and entertaining. The stories are raw and true to life because of the approach taken by Holmes. The contributing authors wrote their stories from the heart and the lack of intervention by the editor adds to the often gritty substance.

Just bought it last night, ….I still can hardly put it down. Already I’ve laughed and cringed
simultaneously, cried for my fallen brothers in arms, forced myself to keep reading even though my husband’s over there now, and prayed for a crapton of people I’ll never meet. The editing is pretty rough in some stories, but it makes them more authentic and I obviously care so much that I can’t put it down and wish I could buy Kindle copies for a dozen friends.

I am astounded by this book, I’m buying a paper edition as soon as possible to lend out to family and friends who ask about the war. I’ve laughed, cried and had my heart broken in the first 3 stories. To all those veterans who need something to relate to, THIS IS IT! To all those civilians that need an eye opener, THIS IS IT! To the rest of the world who want to know what us 1% have been through THIS-IS-IT! Straight from the front lines, straight from the soldiers memories, straight from the souls who’ve been forever changed.

Available in Paperback, Kindle & Nook
ISBN 978-1-934209-88-2

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