Obsess much?

So, a lovely little girl that I am kin to … okay so it’s my daughter… I took her to see The Avengers. I love comic books and I have always been mad for Captain America and the fact that Chris Evans plays him … well that was a bonus right? Until I see the guy from S.W.A.T. and 28 Weeks Later, #JeremyRenner. Apparently he was in this little film called The Hurt Locker, which I now own. (It’s really good, it did win an academy award or 6.)  He’s snagged the part of Hawkeye. Of course, I already knew that somewhere in the back of my mind, he was in Thor after all. What’s so special about #Hawkeye you may ask. He’s an expert assassin that happens to use a bow and arrow. My daughter loves archery … so she says “Mom, can we go see Jeremy Renner in The Bourne Legacy?” Sure, why not. Oh boy, that sealed the deal for me. Now her “crush” is my new favorite … obsession. Why?

Research! I looked up other movies for her to watch, which aren’t many most of them are rated R. Jeremy Renner is really good and not to mention … super hot, sexy … yum! So, he’s now my obsession. *Sigh* Thanks kiddo, love ya!

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