Love Comes to the Executioner

Okay, I had my doubts but I put it in my queue because it has Jeremy Renner in it.  Holy hell, was I surprised!  This movie is freaking hilarious.  I laughed a lot more than I thought I would, it is a “dark comedy” after all.

Jonathan Tucker is the star of the film and he plays a convincing smart idiot.  His brother, a convicted murderer on Death Row, is played by … Jeremy Renner.  The premise?  Heck (Tucker) comes home after college “just passing through” but his mother requires constant care and he’s the only one that can do it.  He must find a job to take care of her.  He finds one teaching Latin at the prison.

The plot? Sibling rivalry.  Yes folks that’s about it but it is such a great movie!  You should go find it and watch it.  I am not going to tell anything more … okay I’ll tell one more thing.  Jeremy Renner sings, if you didn’t already know.  He sings “American Pie” and isn’t too shabby.  Okay, yes, this is the one reason I wanted to see this movie.

“Love Comes to the Executioner” watch it!  Laugh!

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