Iron Man goes Black and the Internet as always accommodates

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We already knew that Riri Williams’ appearance was going to impact the Iron Man pantheon.  We just didn’t realize how wrong we were.  Initially, based on what was presented, I speculated that Marvel would be replacing the late James Rhodes with Miss Williams. Of course no one batted an eye, but that was until today’s announcement that not only Riri Williams would become a major player in the Iron Man pantheon, but become Iron Man herself.  Beyond the announcement, no one knows in what capacity this will be.  We don’t know how much she will be involved in Stark Industries, if she is getting her own armor, using Tony’s armor or what.  This of course did not stop the internet from (over) reacting.  With some of the usual reactions that had come about, I had thoughts about weighing out the pros and cons for this post but, to be honest…

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