Review Brew: LumberJanes Volume 4 – Out of Time

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Meet the Lumberjanes: Jo, April, Mal, Molly and Ripley. Five girls who begin the journey of their lives as they attend Lumberianes camp. Along with their camp counselor, Jen (sometimes known as Jane or any other female name that starts with a J) and camp director Rosie, you don’t necessarily have a young adults book aimed at teenage females but a story about self-discovery, finding the beauty and mystery in everything, and stepping into your power. One other member of the cast is Bubbles, Molly’s raccoon who is also sometimes her hat. This week sees publication of the series’ fourth collected edition–Out of Time-which reprints issues 14-17 of the ongoing series by Boom Studios.

I had never heard of Lumberjanes until I was doing research on LGBT characters in comics. Finding a lack of transgender characters, my research led me to Lumberjanes (more on this later). This…

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