Pokémon Go: Some tips for your adventure.

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With Pokémon Go having recently been released to several server issues, and using a new augmented reality (AR) platform, we thought that we would help all you potential Pokémon Masters out there with some of the finer points of the game, and the app itself.

We’ll start with some gameplay tips for those who may be new to the Pokémon franchise, then we’ll talk about the devices on which the app is actually supported.  Finally, we’ll tell you a bit about how you can conserve your phone’s battery life while playing (because this one is a battery sucker).

13617437_3241005137125_2089047242_n.jpgGameplay Tips
– Players are given an infinite use incubator, which is used to hatch the eggs that are collected at pokéstops.  These eggs will indicate the distance in kilometers that players need to travel in order for them to be hatched (1km = 0.62 mi).  Additional incubators can also be purchased with real life…

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