Expelled from Paradise

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Rakuen Tsuiho: Expelled from Paradise (2014)

Set in the future after a nano virus, dubbed the “Nano Hazard”, wipes out a majority of the human population. Those that are left have a choice to either abandon the planet and their flesh for life aboard DEVA, also known as “Paradise”, or stay on the surface and live a hard life. Some chose to stay. Something, or someone, known only as Frontier Setter begins to invade DEVA’s systems. DEVA system security agent Angela Balzac is tasked with tracking the breach and she does, tracking it back to the surface, which surprises her. She is called to “headquarters” and given a new mission, go to the surface and find Frontier Setter. GASP! That means she has to get a real flesh and bone body, something she has never had before.

She discovers that having a flesh body isn’t all that easy, like…

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