Geek Gifts for the Budget-Minded Shopper

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It’s the holidays again, and you’re expected to buy presents for everyone from your significant other to your annoying nephew to some faceless kid on the church giving tree. But your wallet is feeling the pinch, and that Game of Thrones wine set is looking a lot better than another Build-a-Bear for the niece you never see. So what’s a nerd to do when their wallet is emptier than the writing on the last Walking Dead episode?

That’s right: budget-minded shopping. Here’s some pretty decent gifts you can get someone and still keep things well within your comfort zone.

FOR THE COMICS READER: $1 sampler comics. The major publishers have all learned that a $1 reprint is an inexpensive way to let readers sample their books. It doesn’t cost the publisher more than paper and ink, and readers get to spend a buck–well under the cost of a normal issue–to…

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