I’m a Female Nerd, not Your Fetish

Pop Culture Uncovered

When I was scrolling through an alternative nerd group on Facebook, a guy posted a picture of a guy and girl gaming together and he said he was looking for his “gamer girl.”

The post got lots of likes and heart reactions, as well as nice comments about couples who game together and one couple with matching his and hers gaming setups. The few posts that stuck out were the ones who were opposed to being a “gamer girl.” The one quote that I remember most is, “I am a girl who games, why do I have to be a gamer girl?”

That made me reflect on my single life and the guys I’ve come across while looking. While on a dating site that rhymes with Mumble, I came across two guys who were of the nerdy variety. When they asked me what I liked to do for fun, I…

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