What does 29 Days of Black Cosplay mean to you?

Pop Culture Uncovered

As editor and owner of this site, it makes me proud to be able to give voice to those that otherwise may not have one.  The month of February is not important just because of we are celebrating our history that we are proud of but because this is the time to take an extra moment to be a positive light not only for our children but for the overall community as well.

Too many people from so many different walks of life unfortunately look at this month and #29daysofBlackCosplay as something that is divisive or a way to separating groups of people and sadly they are so far away from the truth.  Worse is that so many fail in not asking the BASIC question of why are we even doing this in the first place.

Queen Akasha_Chaka_Photo2The creator of the #28daysofBlackCosplay and #29daysofBlackCosplay, Chaka Cumberbatch

When asked, Chaka Cumberbatch who…

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