Could the Dark Phoenix be returning to the MCU?

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Those of us who have been reading X-Men comics for a long time know that there have been quite a few amazingly iconic story arcs in that mythos. The eponymous mutants have become almost a household name over the last two decades or so, and their adventures have risen to an almost legendary status. However, one of the X-Men’s stories has continuously risen above the rest in the minds of many fans, and it would appear that the new film continuity may be taking on that tale soon. Rumors have been swirling around Hollywood that would suggest that 20th Century Fox has given a tentative title to the next film in the franchise. The title of X-Men: Supernova would seem to indicate that the studio may be tackling an iconic story for Jean Grey….

Having been circulating in the film world since mid-December 2016, the title of X-Men: Supernova

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