Durus Veritas – Deaf WoW guild breaks new ceiling in raid difficulty

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A new milestone has been reached in gaming, and it’s bigger than some think. While many are familiar with the highest scores, longest marathons, or oldest players, fewer recognize “firsts” for the underrepresented. That’s why the defeat of the final boss in one of the toughest raids in World of Warcraft by a Deaf guild is important.

Durus Veritas, a guild that mostly consists of Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing players, is the first “voiceless-only” group to defeat Xavius in Emerald Nightmareon Mythic mode. Many non-WoW players (let alone non-MMO players) may not understand the difficulty of this, but raids in the game require tight coordination, split-second reaction, and consistent communication. This latter is all the more difficult given the inability to use voice commands through voice-over-Internet Protocol (VoIP) software. Durus Veritas proved themselves capable of overcoming this obstacle, becoming the first guild of its kind…

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