Trailer Reveal: ‘Injustice 2’ The lines are being redrawn…

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In2013’s Injustice: Gods Among Us, we saw the most powerful characters in DC Comics went at one another tooth, nail, and batarang. However, now it looks like the alien android baddy Braniac wants in on the fight, as we see in the new story mode trailer for Injustice 2.

In what appears to be a direct sequel to the events of the first Injustice title by Netherrealm Studios, the heroes who fought against the tyranny of a grief-stricken Superman are attempting to rebuild society & bring back some semblance of peace, while those who fought alongside the Man of Steel are still battling to keep the oppressive totalitarian regime he had built to keep “order”. With Earth in relative chaos, Braniac takes this opportunity to “redraw the lines”…

Returning to the roster so far are of course, Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, & Bane. It appears that we’ll also see…

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