A New Perspective on an Old Hero

Pop Culture Uncovered

Do you ever wonder, dear readers, if Hollywood and Marvel Studios might be selling themselves short and underestimating moviegoers? Do you ever think that we as audiences have gotten to a point where all we seem to want is the blockbuster action film, where we can mindlessly munch popcorn & chug sodas while watching explosions & destruction taking place in big-screen, high definition glory right in front of us? Do you ever feel that we deserve a more cerebral superhero film?

I do. So much so, in fact, that ever since the news broke about the Hulk being a large part of Thor: Ragnarok, a colleague and I have been talking about our disappointment in the big green guy’s (and Bruce Banner’s) character development across all of the Hulk movies. Aside from the awful 2003 Ang Lee/Eric Bana version of the story, and the only marginally less bad Louis Leterrier/Edward…

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