Pokémon GO! – Is Generation II too much too fast?

Pop Culture Uncovered

Niantic and Pokémon GO! just announced the release of a large Pokémon update, including the addition of 80 new Pokémon from Generation II (Gold/Silver/Crystal). This wave is in addition to a slew of new changes, including new berries, new encounter behavior, and new avatar customization. A lot of Pokéhunters are notably excited, but it also brings up a concern: are they catering to the “hardcore” players too much at the expense of their vast base of casual players?

Pokémon GO! is not your standard video or computer game, and I doubt much of its audience are “gamers” of the sort that you’d see in eSports or MMOs. While there is some number-crunching, theory-crafting, and hurry to “win”, the majority probably play just to have some casual fun while out and about. Thus, the announcement that they’re already moving past the original 151 Pokémon into the…

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