First Impressions: Horizon Zero Dawn

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Like so many others, I had pre-ordered Guerrilla Games’ new PS4 exclusive, Horizon Zero Dawn, and I picked it up last night after work to give it a run-through. One word for you, dear readers: WOW. This thing is FUN! I barely noticed time passing, and I was awake far later than I probably should’ve been. Getting up for work this morning was a struggle, but I regret nothing.

Those of you who follow our adventures here at PCU know that several of us have been pretty hyped for this title. Since its announcement at E3 2015, PlayStation gamers, like some of us here, have been virtually frothing at the mouth about this game.

So let’s get in & talk about Aloy’s adventure.

Once the game began, it was made just about perfectly clear to me that the deep story was going to be one of…

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