Sexism in Gaming – It’s real, whether you believe it or not

Pop Culture Uncovered

Ah, gaming. The “boy’s sport,” right? After all, the stereotype of gamers is usually pasty, white males sitting in basements rolling dice or mashing controller buttons. Horror stories abound of women facing exclusion, unwanted advances, misogyny or worse. Yet, gaming is pretty evenly split among the sexes; if that’s true, why the stereotypes and examples of discrimination?

For one, despite those stories, there is lots of denial among many gamers. Whenever someone brings up problems of sexism, they’re immediately shouted down with all sorts of weak claims and arguments. “It can’t possibly be happening, because…” is thrown around in pure Internet keyboard warrior fashion. You try to reason with these individuals (a futile task, of course), but after a while, you’re tired of repeating the same information and logical counterpoints. Especially to those people who just ignore the point and keep echoing themselves…

Well, hopefully, next time…

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