Everyone Calm Down – Iron Fist Will Be Awesome!

Pop Culture Uncovered

Okay ladies and gentlemen, I’m going to say something that is apparently deeply controversial:
Iron Fist? Is going to be good.

I know, I know: He could’ve been played by full (or half) Asian actor; Finn Jones is a tiny white guy!; this plays into White Savior stereotypes!

Yet, here’s the thing….

All of the above? Are what makes Iron Fist, the comic, work.

Here’s a brief(ish) history of the character: Danny Rand was created to cash in on the kung-fu movies of the early 70’s, but when that didn’t work, someone at Marvel had the brilliant idea to pair Danny with Luke Cage to create an entirely new team: Heroes for Hire and that’s when the magic happened.

618-a7ypkwl-_sx323_bo1204203200_Chris Claremont and John Byrne got their hands on the characters and, with the help of Mary Jo Duffy, Kurt Busiek and Christopher Priest, turned two exploitation characters…

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