The Over/Under – 300

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It’s hard to believe that it’s already been ten years since 300 released in theaters. This movie was an adaptation of the comic by Frank Miller. It was a fictionalized retelling of the Battle of Thermopylae between King Leonidas of Sparta and Xerxes of Persia. From a budget of $65 million dollars, this movie earned well over $400 million and a sequel. There were also numerous accolades and parodies based on its visual effects film style. Fans of Spartacus as well as a few other TV series could see the influences from this movie.

The question is, is 300 really a good movie or was it just eye candy?
We debate the merits here.

3 reasons for:

Visual effects

Ok, my counterpart may disagree but for $65 million dollars, the visuals at the time were stunning. I enjoyed the special effects and even watching the trailers again after 10…

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