Gaming’s Most Badass Women – Week Four

Pop Culture Uncovered

NOTE:This article contains minor spoilers for The Last of Us. If you haven’t played it: (1) Why not? And (2) read at your own discretion.

Ellie Williams (her last name is not canon) may not strike too many people as a badass at first glance. At 19 years old, she’s one of the youngest playable female characters in gaming. Don’t let her age fool you, however. Ellie is quite an awesome young lady, when you get down to it. We here at PCU loved The Last of Us, and the game just would not have been the same without the snarky-yet-innocent, and cautious-yet-brave Ellie.

At the time that we as the players are introduced to Ellie, we see an angry young lady who is relatively alone in the world. She’s being smuggled out of one of the safe areas in the post fungal apocalypse that is the…

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