Cosplay Melee: Redemption or rehash?

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The first question I had for myself after I finished the premiere episode of Cosplay Melee on Syfy this week was “Will I be able to talk about this show without mentioning the network’s previous foray into cosplay reality TV, Heroes of Cosplay?”  The answer is, “Absolutely not.  Not in the least.”

Cosplayers are a passionate bunch; and HoC, with its obsessive portrayal of personal conflict, snark and pettiness left a pretty bad taste that still lingers in a community that actively works to fight against negativity, shaming and harassment both from outside and from within.  So, along with a lot of cosplayers and fans, I was looking to this premiere with more than a little skepticism.  But as a huge fan of Syfy’s other competition/elimination series Face-Off – and a growing fan of host Yvette Nicole Brown –  I felt that Cosplay Melee deserved a chance.

The show…

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