Women Are Intersectional, Who Knew?!

Pop Culture Uncovered

Being a woman is hard. This statement is overused, but there are days where it’s one of the truest statements you can make about women.

For as long as I can remember, women, and those who identify as women, were always classified as two things: a respectable woman or less than respectable woman. If you were considered respectable, you are seen as pure, God-fearing in some way, submissive, classy, and quiet. If you were less than respectable, you were seen as loose, loud, aggressive, and masculine in some cases. A woman can go from someone deserving of respect to trash in less than a second. The moment you put on a bold lipstick, people will already form some kind of opinion of you. The biggest thing you can do as a woman to really piss people off is to be comfortable in your sexuality and expressing it however you see…

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