Cosplay Melee from a cosplayer’s POV

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It looks like many of us really enjoyed Cosplay Melee as it was a huge departure from Heroes of Cosplay.

The first episode showed us what could happen when you take the cattiness and drama out and focused on real costumers. Rather than write another review, I want to focus on some of what can make it better.

4 or 3 contestants?

There was one major thing that I didn’t like (and it has been echoed by other cosplayers) was that one person was eliminated so quickly. It didn’t make sense to start with four people to only cut one out so quickly and then allow others to finish. I understand that since this is a competition show, and that sometimes they need to add the drama of “who stays” and “who goes”. But I think the show’s producers need to tweak the formula. They can opt to start and…

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