Overwatch: Up-pewpewpew-rising

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On March 31st, Overwatch game director Jeff Kaplan announced on the Blizzard Battle.net forums, that the company doesn’t “have plans for an Easter event this year”. However…rather than some bunny, egg, and pastel themed event, Blizzard released “Uprising”; a special event based off the recently released digital comic of the same name. The event includes an AI brawl – similar to the Halloween Junkenstein event – and limited time loot box collectibles. Blizzard added an interesting twist this time, using an event not just as a nifty theme, but to expand Overwatch’s lore in-game.

Overwatch’s previous events have been tied to real life occurrences: the Summer Olympics, Halloween, Christmas and Chinese New Year. This time around, the event’s brawl is story based, taking place 20 years after the Omnic Uprising. A group of Omnic extremists known as Null Sector have launched an attack upon the recently built King’s Row…

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