Who Is Savitar?

Spoilers ahead. I haven’t read this yet because I’m not caught up. 😥

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*AUTHOR’S NOTE* This article contains soft spoilers for Season 3, Episode 19 of The Flash. Read at your discretion.

In season 3, episode 19 of CW’s The Flash, we saw a lot of stuff going on. Barry Allen made the decision to run to the future (the year 2024, to be exact), in an attempt to discover the true identity of the self-proclaimed “God of Speed” – known to us as Savitar. What he actually discovered, was a bleak future in which Team Flash had been disbanded by his future self, Caitlyn Snow had fully become Killer Frost and aligned herself with Savitar, Cisco no longer had his powers due to Killer Frost freezing his hands off, Savitar had broken Wally’s back (leaving him in a catatonic & wheelchair-bound state), and future Barry is a mopey, whiney, shell of his former self.

One of the surprise aspects of this…

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