In Defense of C-3PO

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C-3PO doesn’t get a lot of love. Out of all the main characters in the original trilogy, the poor droid is probably the least liked. Vader’s a badass villain, Luke is the hero, Han is the dashing rogue, and women everywhere want to be Princess Leia. R2-D2 is just cute, but C-3PO–man, some people just hate him. I mean, look, here’s a whole article from the freaking Smithsonianexplaining why R2-D2 is the better droid.

Sadly, the prequels didn’t do C-3PO any favors. Episode I gave him the world’s worst retcon, revealing him to be the intellectual property of Darth Vader, and Episode II subjected him to terrible puns and the indignity of being given a Battle Droid’s body. He had it a little better in The Force Awakens, but that whole “because of the red arm” moment was a little cringe-inducing.

But, cut the guy a…

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