Passing the Saber: A Family of Fans Across 3 Eras of Star Wars

Pop Culture Uncovered

I remember the day my wife’s oldest kid became my son.

It wasn’t the day I took him to the store to help me pick out an engagement ring. It wasn’t the day I proposed to his mother. It wasn’t even the day of the wedding.

It was the day we all gathered in the living room to watch the Star Wars Saga in its entirety; he was 7 and his brother was 3.

We watched them chronologically, Episode I through VI, with a pause between II and III to hit up some Clone Wars cartoons. Blasphemous? Maybe. We also may or may not have watched the two ewok movies. I’ll never tell.  

As the credits of Return of the Jedi rolled, he turned to me and excitedly asked, “Can we watch them again?!”

Yes. Yes we can.

But it means his first (and favorite) of the Star…

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