There’s a Star Wars Anime?

Pop Culture Uncovered

As Pop Culture Uncovered gears up for a Star Wars take over, I came across a fan film known as TIE Fighter which can be found on YouTube. Not a single word is spoken, but there is so much action happening in this film, no words are needed to keep you hooked. Between the beautiful rock opera-esque music that reminds you of the generations past and an art style heavily influenced by the 80’s, it just seems so fitting.

TieFighter_POSTERPaul Johnson, the artist and animator of the film, begins his story as all Star Wars stories do; long, long ago in galaxy far, far away. Commander Gaunt, clearly comfortable and confident in the position he’s in, begins doing what he does best, pushing back rebel scum until they utterly annihilate them. The ever careful one-tactic Gaunt combines the interdictor trap tactic with a wide range sensor net of probe droid…

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