Eco: Have Fun Averting The Apocalypse

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You know what games are just the best? Educational ones, I always make sure to pre-order the latest copy of Math Blasters and I was the first one in line for the midnight release of Captain Novolin (An action-adventure game about diabetes) because those games are just so intense! But, masochism aside, sometimes there are educational titles that look like they’ll actually be fun to play, almost like it was some kind of game, but on the tv, like a video? I dunno, something akin to video graphic entertainment or whatever.

Well, believe it or not, such a unicorn is in the oven (metaphorically speaking, I’m pretty sure it’d be impossible to fit an entire unicorn in an oven). Strange Loop Games is looking to “cross the divide between the game market and education” with their current work in progress Eco. Despite being an educational game, so far they’ve…

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