Who needs a Disney Princess when we have a Star Wars Princess?

Pop Culture Uncovered

I’ve never been one for Disney Princesses. Don’t get me wrong, I like Mulan and Merida; one saved China, even though she is not technically a princess and one saved herself from an arranged marriage. With the exception of Mulan and Merida, though, the other princesses are portrayed as damsels that need rescuing by Prince Charming. I’ll admit having a Prince Charming would be nice but I’ll rescue myself, thanks anyway. My kind of princess is Princess (later, General) Leia. And now that Disney owns Lucasfilm, she is technically a Disney Princess, however she is not animated and this seems to be a per-requisite for the club. This fact has fansdivided on the issue because she is not the typical Disney Princess.

Leia was one of my first female leadership role models. A character that started out as a damsel in distress in the clutches of Darth Vader, she ends…

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