Netflix’s ‘Castlevania’ Debuts Its First Trailer

Pop Culture Uncovered

With Netflix branching out to comic book characters & more content based on pre-existing fandoms, Catlevania has been on our radar for a bit here at PCU.

Well, the first official look at the series has just been released, and it has piqued the interest of us here at the site.

See for yourselves in the teaser trailer below:

As you all well know dear readers, a lot of us here are gamers, and Castlevania is a classic. Whether Netflix will stick with the original game’s canon and lore, or branch out into new storylines is yet to be revealed, but this trailer certainly captured our interest. It’s gothic & bloody tone certainly harkens back to the seminal video game franchise.

What about you all, dear readers? Will you be watching when Castlevania debuted on Netflix? Let us know in the comments!

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