Movie Brew: Belle and Pete Review Wonder Woman

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For our Wonder Woman review we sent Belle and Pete, our resident Wonder Woman reviewer and biggest Wonder Woman fanboy on staff, respectively, out to see the film and give us their thoughts.


Pete: So, Wonder Woman was pretty amazing, yeah? One of the things we said when we walked out of the theater was “They out Thor-ed Thor and out Captain America-ed Captain America.”

Belle: Yes, there will be comparisons to Thor and First Avenger but Diana isn’t an asshole like Thor, she wasn’t banished. She made a choice to leave to protect people who needed protecting; and more importantly she learns from her mistakes. We get to actually see the process as opposed to Thor, Avengers Assemble and Thor: TDW wherein we’re told Thor is a better person but we’ve seen no actual evidence to support that in his actions onscreen. As for the First Avenger…

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