Your Console Wars Are Bad, and You Should Feel Bad

Pop Culture Uncovered

Over the last few weeks & months, there’s been more & more rumblings about the next generation of gaming, and where we go from here. Recently, Uproxx published an article about the potentially upcoming PlayStation 5 and Microsoft’s Project Scorpio, and talked about whether or not the pointless & absurd argument of the console wars would actually end with the next generation of hardware. To put it plainly, this is stupid. Friends…gamers…dear readers… It’s 2017. WHY are we still having this debate?

To give a bit of exposition for our younger readers, the so-called “console wars” began back when Nintendo was the big dog on the block, Sega was about to fail, there weren’t really any other options for gaming. It was at this point, that toy designer Tom Kalinske stepped in at Sego to help rocket Sonic the Hedgehog to a household name. This ignited a battle between…

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