Sense8 is Canceled – Netflix’s Excuses Don’t Justify the Loss and Importance

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As the Summer rolls in and television seasons end, viewers wait with bated breath to see whether their favorite shows continue. Unfortunately, for longtime fans, June 1st brought with it a shocking announcement by Netflix: they would not be renewing Sense8 for a 3rd season. While shows come and go, this cancellation was met with great dismay, including from myself.

What made Sense8 so special? Why is it so disheartening to see this show canceled? What legitimate reason did Netflix have?

Diversity and Representation

Sense8 wasn’t just a good show, at least for those who enjoyed it; this series was applauded for its representation and progressive ideals. Sense8 had one of the most diverse casts on television, even more than shows like Star Trek, and it broke down barriers. Racially, the core cast was only half white; the rest were Asian, black, and Latino. Add in the…

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